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For city & industrial water, irrigation & agriculture water, oil & gas supply, sprinkler, fire hydrant, ship piping ect…

Chemical requirement

  C Mn P S
Light 0,2 1,2 0,045 0,045
Medium 0,2 1,2 0,045 0,045
Heavy 0,2 1,2 0,045 0,045


Physical requirement

  Tensile Strength  Psi (Mpa) Yield Strength Psi (Mpa) Elongation Psi(Mpa)
Light 320 ~460 N/mm2
33~47.2 kg/mm2)
Min. 195 N/mm2
Min. 20

Test Requirement

  Flattening test Bend test Hydrostatic test
Light Apply for NB>DN50( 2 in. )
Weld portion H=0.75D
The other side of Weld Portion H=0.6D
(The Weld shall be located at 90 deg.)
Apply for  NB<DN50 Ungavalnized Tubes At Cold 180 Deg.x 6D
Galvanized tubes 90Deg.x 8D
p=53kgf/cm2 (50 bar)

Permissible variations in dimensions

  Outside Diameter wall thickness length Height of inside flash
Light Specified respectively in size   * Random Lengths 4m ~7m
* Mill Lengths Min. 6.4m : +150mm, -0
*Approximate Lengths: +- 150mm
* Exact Lengths: +6mm, -0

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